Diapente Audio Stream Player is an Android network audio client for personal music servers (DAAP).

It plays music over local WIFI network from DAAP music servers. You may browse local network for available music servers and connect with ease.

It is capable of aggregating multiple music servers to its catalog, giving you a single comprehensive view to all your music.

Music servers can be shared securely and easily with others through NFC functionality. It's as simple as 'kissing' two phones together to share your music! And music server sharing can be limited by user specified duration.

Download and check out the Quickstart section to get started!


  • Android 2.2+

  • Multiple Server Support

  • Music Server Sharing by NFC (4.0+ only)

  • Internet Streaming Access

  • Optional Mobile Network Access

  • "Desktop" Playing Experience (MP3 only)

  • Headset Controls Support

  • Album Cover Art Browser with Custom Query

  • Lyrics Browser with Custom Query