What is DAAP?

  • DAAP stands for "Digital Audio Access Protocol." It was created by Apple for music streaming.

Which DAAP servers are supported?

  • Firefly Media Server (mt-daapd) is fully supported since it is used for development.
  • Servers supported but not extensively tested:
    • forked-daapd
    • RPi forked-daapd seems to work on initial testing and is recommended as of 0.22.
  • Servers with partial support:
    • Rhythmbox - its DAAP implementation does not have permanent ids. You will have to refresh the catalog each time you restart Rhythmbox.
    • Tangerine - it works well with Diapente but it's quite buggy. Not recommended.
  • Untested
    • FreeNAS - may work since it is forked-daapd or based on forked-daapd.
    • Synology Diskstation - some versions have old Firefly Media Server built in. Not tested though.

Is iTunes supported?

  • Apple incorporated encryption in iTunes DAAP implementation starting with version 7.0. Therefore all non-Apple clients, including Diapente, are incompatible with iTunes 7.0+.

What is Bonjour? And why is it needed?

  • Bonjour is an implementation of zeroconf by Apple.
  • Firefly Media Server relies on mDNS, which is provided by Bonjour, to advertise itself as music server on your local network. It makes easy for music clients, such as Diapente, to find and configure music servers.

Will there be a new version?

  • Development ceased at around 2008. It is considered abandoned and is unlikely for new release.

Is it secure?

  • That cannot be answered, however since it hasn't been actively developed since 2008 it should not be considered as most secure.

Any viable alternatives?

  • There's a few alternatives but none that we would consider viable under Windows.
  • For Linux users, forked-daapd 0.22+ is highly recommended. Note that forked-daapd lacks UI at the moment, so you'll have to contend with config files directly.
  • List of DAAP Servers on Wikipedia.

I have it working within my home, but now how do I access my music from outside of my home?

  • Your router must be configured to access your music server behind its firewall.
  • We cannot provide specific instructions but we have some general information on this topic.

Why doesn't Firefly Media Server not showing any of my music?

What is current status?

  • It is released and available to download at Play Store.

Where do I file bug reports?

  • Diapente Audio Stream Player bug tracker is located here.
  • Please note that you must use the same e-mail that you installed Diapente Audio Stream Player with to register on our bug tracker.

What versions of Android is supported?

  • Diapente Audio Stream Player is compatible with Android 2.2 Froyo (API8) and up.
  • You may use any old phone that might be sitting in your drawer somewhere and make it a remote music player. Play music from your server in your den or backyard without tying up your main phone!

Is iPhone supported?

  • Currently, Diapente Audio Stream Player is available on Android only.
  • Once this app is successful in the market place, iOS version will surely follow.

What formats are supported?

  • MP3 is fully supported, including resume, seek and embedded album cover art.
  • FLAC, M4A, OGG and WAV are partially supported. Playback is supported but no resume or seek and no embedded album cover art support, but online album cover art is supported.
  • FLAC and M4A are planned to have full support on par with MP3.
  • No support for ALAC or M4P (encrypted).

Is there support for downloads?

  • Local downloads or air syncing is not available at this time. It may be implemented in future, depending on user feedback.

Is there a graphic equalizer?

  • Not at this time. It is planned to be implemented for Android 4.0+ devices.

Does it support Last.fm scrobbling?

  • Not at this time. It is planned to be implemented.

How many color schemes or themes?

  • There will not be themes, but user selectable color schemes is a possiblity.

Does it have any widgets? For lock screen?

  • Lock screen widget is available for Android 4.4+ devices. Widgets will be considered once all other outstanding features have been implemented and bugs ironed out.

Do audiobooks work with this?

  • For the time being, MP3 format must be used for audiobooks because other formats lack seek and resume support.
  • Bookmarking feature is planned for audiobook users.

Will there be an easier way to exchange server credentials, i.e. server address, port and password?

  • Your servers are sharable through NFC functionality. Not all phones support NFC however.
  • Servers without password are not sharable.
  • Check the relevant manual section for more details.

Can I add port forwarding on my router, so I can listen outside of my home?

  • UPnP Port Manager can assist you with this task. Please look in Resources section for the link.
  • However, recommended way to accomplish this is by port forwarding manually on your gateway router device. Please refer to your gateway router's manual or website.

Album covers on some songs cannot be changed. How can I change them?

  • These tracks have album cover artwork embedded in its meta tag.
  • Album cover artwork browsing is disabled by design on these tracks. Please remove the album cover artwork from the track if you wish to use online album covers.

Why does Internet streaming not work in some WIFI hotspots?

  • Some free WIFI hotspots block non-standard http ports, such as 3689, the standard DAAP port.
  • If you would like to stream music at these locations, you'll need to forward either port 80 or 443 on your router.
  • But some ISPs block incoming port 80. So for most reliable port would be port 443, the https or ssl port.
  • If your port 80 is blocked by your ISP, you may ask them to open it or it may be opened by yourself through a management app provided by your ISP.
  • Here's some ports that may work in addition to ports 80 and 443. You may forward these ports on your router.
    • 21 - ftp
    • 110 - pop3
    • 143 - imap
    • 993 - imaps
    • 995 - pop3s

Whats the difference between 'Force Sync' and 'Reload' in Servers activity?

  • 'Force Sync' options tries to synchronize catalog without deleting the existing catalog first. But this option is not compatible with all DAAP music servers. For those servers, you must use the 'Reload' option and is the action taken when you use the Update icon.
  • 'Force Sync' is slightly faster on latest phones but makes a big difference with Gingerbread or Froyo devices.

What does license purchase get me?

  • 2 server limit is removed.
  • Otherwise, free version is completely functional and ad-free.

How much does it cost?

  • It is currently US$5.